We, at Swerve Fleet Training, believe that there is no such thing as an accident. Our experience tells us that crashes, collisions, and wrecks can be avoided; provided that drivers possess the skills and proper hazard perception needed to prevent such incidents. This kind of claim is backed by proven success with drivers who harness a strong developed safety culture. At Swerve, we provide the best and most comprehensive training so that your driver not only demonstrates safe driving, but also promotes the ultimate in customer service!

Our hands-on approach is dramatically different than other fleet training companies. Where most fleet training organizations offer solely online computer classes, Swerve’s philosophy centers on the simple idea of learning by doing. There is no substitute for a real world behind the wheel experience when it comes to driver training.

Whether the customer is new, experienced, or posing issues, you, in conjunction with Swerve’s expert instructors, can develop and implement a program customized to your drivers’ and organization’s needs. We will create a program that will address any areas of concern both advised by the organization and our instructors.

So, how does this kind of training benefit your organization? Simple: our training will address and minimize driver error resulting in reduced incidents, improving your overall safety record, drastically minimizing insurance deductible payments required to cover incidents, lowering insurance rates, and eliminating low productivity due to injured employees.

We have been training professional drivers since 2003 and have gained a deep understanding of what is required to implement a successful driver-training program. We have trained a very diverse group of drivers ranging from those in pick-up trucks to those driving large commercial vehicles. Because of our versatility, we are able to offer valuable insight into the challenges faced behind the wheel. Our goal is to continually refine our training and your drivers so that we can “change the way people drive.”