Pre-Employment Driver Screening

1 hour per driver pre_employ

As an employer, hiring motor vehicle operators is a responsibility that not only affects business productivity, but also the safety of the community. The objective of our Pre-Employment Driver Screening program is to allow hiring managers to make informed hiring decisions about prospective employees based on their ability to operate the vehicle safely by administering a driving assessment. Our screening process will address the skill and risk level of each or your candidates so that we can provide a professional opinion on whether they will be a suitable or an unsuitable applicant.

In addition to addressing the suitability of each candidate, the assessment will also provide information that can be used to guide future training efforts with each driver by evaluating:

  • Lane positioning on straight-a-ways, curves, and corners
  • Vehicle handling, including smooth use of the pedals and steering wheel
  • Adherence and respect for traffic laws
  • Evidence that the prospective hire understands how to adjust his/her driving to the constraints imposed by the physical dimensions, proportions, and weight of your vehicle.
  • Evidence that the prospective hire will take the job of safe driving seriously